Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a day!

Well, we spent three hours in the E.R. today because my son got hit pretty hard during the final minutes of his football game today. He blacked out so we took him in for a C.T. scan-confirmed concussion. It was an illegal hit by a kid that outweighed my son by at least 60 pounds, illegal since the play had already stopped. Anyway, he tried to get up after the hit and stumbled and fell since he blacked out. He was on the field for quite a while before he was able to finally stand and wobble off of the field. His vision was blurred and he had tingling in his arms. The very next play one of our players went after the guy and was given a personal foul and ejected from the game.

While we were waiting for the CT scan he told us that he put paper towels in his shoes. I was really worried that he was making stuff up at this point so we took off his shoes! I mean, seriously, paper towels in your shoes?! What? I did not see any paper towels and he insisted there were paper towels in his shoes we just needed to feel around in them. Now, have you ever smelled or seen a 16 year old boy after a full game of football? Gross! Stinky! Sweaty! So I just tapped his shoe on the ground and sure enough, along with all the mud and grass out tumbled some bunched up paper towels that he had stuffed into the toes of his shoes. Whew! At least he wasn't "losing it!" So, he will not be able to practice for 7 days now. He is not liking that.

We just went back up to the school to get all of his stuff and the lockers are locked. So, he can't get his backpack or work on his homework now. Just wonderful. He may be missing school on Monday anyway because he as to be seen by a doctor on Monday and then again on Friday before he can be released to practice again. Just an fyi: while we were at the E.R. there were at least 3 other boys brought in with football injuries. I know, I know, it is a dangerous sport but this is only the second time he has had to take the "trip" in the eleven years due to football. He has been to the E.R. three time for non-football related injuries so we have been pretty lucky.

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