Friday, March 26, 2010

Round Robin Round #2: Wishing for Spring

Doing some house cleaning today and thinking of spring. I can't wait to start a garden and plant flowers in my flower beds and flower pots. The sunshine is making me think that spring weather will be here soon. I can not wait! So, here is a scrap page that expresses my thoughts today. I did this for the Round Robin challenge at Swirlydoos. Part of the challenge was to scrap something I have never scrapped before so I scrapped a wish of mine and used a picture of a butterfly to express this. I have never scrapped a photo of a butterfly either. This is a lift of Angelica's layout which was the Layout of the Week in March. I just added the paper weaving in the background and lifted her idea for all the butterflies and flowers. Here ya go!
Have a great day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is almost here!

Wow, the weather is amazing today. It is currently 60 degrees outside! Love it. This is making me feel a little better about our spring break trip to the Grand Canyon. Only 5 more days until we leave for a 9 day camping trip across America with the main stop being 4 days at the Grand Canyon. I am a little worried about the cool night air but really look forward to all the beautiful sights as we hike the Grand Canyon. I foresee a huge scrap album after this trip!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Round Robin Challenge #2

Speaking of the Round Robin Challenge, it is now the beginning of round two and I go first. No pressure! I guess I better start thinking about what to do. An added twist this time is to scrap something you have never scrapped before. So, I woke up this morning with all these ideas and now I need to figure out which one I can do successfully.

Round Robin Challenge

Over at Swirlydoos there was a Round Robin Challenge. It is the scrapper's version of the children's game "Telephone." The first person in the group creates a layout and the second person has a week to "lift" this layout. Then, the third person must "lift" the second person and so on. I was the third person in my group and here is my "lift." Go to Swirlydoos and check out the other layouts.

This is my little niece a few years ago during one of the many weekends my sis spent with me scrappin'. Have I ever mentioned how much I love scrappin' weekends with my sis? So glad she got me into this obsession! What better way to spend time together!