Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another visit

Being the scrapper that I am I took my camera when B-man got his cast. We had to wait three days for some of the swelling to go down. Even then his hand was still pretty fat. The doctor was a great sport and let me take pictures. Brandon will be in a cast for 6 weeks and no more football. He still wants to play in the two games they have this week. I think he lost some brain cells with those blows to the head earlier this month!

Here we go again!

Well, you remember that we had to take B-man in after a concussion during a football game, then he ran head first into the goal post without a helmut 11 days later. So, we went back to the ER because he was experiences signs of another concussion. Then, five days ago I got a call from the football trainer that he injured his thumb. By the time I got home it was pretty swollen so we headed to the urgent care. Here's the x-ray. Broken thumb, down at the base of the wrist.


Ok, I got a new camera and now I can get some really good shots during the game. Brandon read this play and was able to sack the QB. Can't wait to print these and see how they turn out. Then, of course, I have to scrap them!
This was a diving tackle by B-man. I took this one without the telephoto lens. I just used photo editing software to zoom and crop. Hopefully, it will turn out ok when I print it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hey, I did another one!

Here's Ali's fall photo for school. I slapped this layout together really fast. In case you did not know this trick I will share it with you. I did not have another m for the word dream. So, I took two n's and snipped off the part I didn't need to make my own m. Then placed a small butterfly over the area where the two pieces are joined. Voila! I have my m. You can do this with a lot of letters: change n to r, l to i, d to a, h to n, etc. You get the idea. This will help stretch your letter sets. tfl!

At the corn maze 2008

Here's another one for the books! My mom, niece, nephew, and my kids are featured in this layout along with me. Wow! A picture with me in it! Anyway, this is my version of the Swirlydoos October sketch challenge. Gotta get back to it. tfl!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Swirlydoos kit!

Well, so much for scrapping on a regular basis to keep my sanity! This is the first page I have done in ten days!!! This is my dd last fall trying to show us which way to go in order to find all the check points in the corn maze. It has become a family tradition for all of us to go to the maze, split up in teams and see who can find all the check points first. Hey! We are a competitive family what can I say?! I got my new scrapbook kit for October and couldn't even play with it until tonight. Waaaaay too much going on with school and the kiddos lately. I was pretty much useless after the Therapeutics exam last Thursday. Then I had to work for the next three days and then back to school for classes and two presentations this week. Anyway, got an A on the T1 (short for Therapeutics) presentation today so I felt like taking a break to scrap. All I know about the T1 exam is that I did not fail and the average for our group was an 80% so guess I did okay. Anyway, off to start another page! Have a good one!