Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Swirlydoos kit!

Well, so much for scrapping on a regular basis to keep my sanity! This is the first page I have done in ten days!!! This is my dd last fall trying to show us which way to go in order to find all the check points in the corn maze. It has become a family tradition for all of us to go to the maze, split up in teams and see who can find all the check points first. Hey! We are a competitive family what can I say?! I got my new scrapbook kit for October and couldn't even play with it until tonight. Waaaaay too much going on with school and the kiddos lately. I was pretty much useless after the Therapeutics exam last Thursday. Then I had to work for the next three days and then back to school for classes and two presentations this week. Anyway, got an A on the T1 (short for Therapeutics) presentation today so I felt like taking a break to scrap. All I know about the T1 exam is that I did not fail and the average for our group was an 80% so guess I did okay. Anyway, off to start another page! Have a good one!

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