Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chipboard Alterations

I will do anything to avoid studying! You know, the house needs to be cleaned, floors swept and mopped, laundry needs to be done. Heck! I even need to wash the rugs and clean the bathrooms.

Well, I did all of that and actually did some studying. Thank goodness this is the last semester of finals because I am burnt out. Soooo, now the house is clean. What else can I do besides study? Leave it to me to step into paradise (a.k.a. my scrap room). Shona found this idea and shared it at Swirlydoos so I decided to give it a whirl today.

Here's the before and after:

What a great way to alter your cb and add some dimension to a lo! To make this flower I soaked the cb in water for 15 minutes then proceeded to separate the cb layers. I did two different cb pieces and they both separated into two pieces. Then I continued to peel apart  the layers of each piece. I dried the separate pieces with my heat gun which helped them to curl up a bit. Then I hit them with several colors of GM. I dabbed the edges with several colors of Smooch then used Zip Dry to put the layers back together. I alternated the petals as I glued the layers back together. I put some glitter glue in the center. I used my McGill Sunburst punch to punch five pieces that were layered to create the center. The Petaloo leaf was the finishing touch! I am working on a MR piece next and will post when I am done. tfl!


  1. ooooo it looks marvalous, fun :)

  2. Shona, it was fun to make. Now I want to do more! So glad you shared this technique and inspired me! Thank you.