Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok, here's a repeat

I have already scrapped this picture but, Lisa N. did some photo editing that removed the background and enhanced the eyes. This is my favorite picture of us so I had to scrap it again with the awesome changes that she made. Thank you again, Lisa!


  1. FABULOUS LY. Love it! The flowers, the great distressing. Just perfect.

  2. Your layout is Fabulous! Even though I only know you through Swirlydoos....I remember when you changed your profile picture to this. It is a Beautiful photo of you and your DH. I just love it! How cool...that Lisa N. did the changes for you...sweet! If I had a photo this good of me and my DH...I would scrap it MANY times! I love the flowers..and title...and of course the distressing! Hugs!