Saturday, August 29, 2015

**Scrap your Scraps** tutorial for Swirlydoos

So, I'm back with another edition of "Scrap your Scraps" today. I was down to the last bits of paper of the August kit and wanted to share my final layout with you. Usually the last bits of a kit lend a more CAS layout or a grungy layout. But, this time I was able to do a "swirly" style layout as I still had some flowers left over from the flower add-on this month.

Here's what I had on my messy,scrappy table to start.

Now, I only have two good size pieces of paper left. I did find some smaller strips by my cutter later. Just start playing around with the larger pieces, maybe cut them up to make them look like they are actually larger. I do this a lot with my paper to make it go farther. Just make sure you line up the design in the same direction if you cut the paper!

Of course, distress the edges and ink them up. Now, on to some more paper layering. Remember, you can use the cardboard from the box your kit came in to pop up the paper layers.

I added some Smooch Black to the background before laying down the yellow pieces. I just unscrew the top and pull out the spritzer. Then, just use the spritzer to splash color on the page. I usually don't actually use the spritzer nozzle to spray on my pages. Also, added a tad of gold glitz with a rub-on from the embellishment add on. The black trellis is actually a die cut. (Thanks to Kim for letting me borrow the die while we were at camp!)

Next, I popped up the picture on some more of that free cardboard and began adding banners and fiber.

Next, add the vines using the die from the die add on this month. Top the vines with the remaining flowers.

Still needs something...
I added some stickers from the sticker sheet, a butterfly that I had left over from punching it for a previous layout, and that blingy yellow heart.

Now, title or journaling?

Using one of the journaling cards, I added,"I had 2 tickets to the Rams' football game. Brandon didn't want to go, so Allison went. We had fun until the game was over and I couldn't find the car!"

Yes, you read that right! I could not find the car. It was late at night and we were by ourselves. We finally found a police officer who pointed us in the right direction. Thirty minutes after the game was over we finally found the car! What a night!

Finally found my flowers--still packed from Swirly camp. Had to add more flowers!

Well, that is the end of my kit. Anxiously waiting for the next gorgeous kit to arrive.

Thank you for visiting the Swirlydoos blog today! I would love to see what you scrap with the scraps of your kit!

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