Monday, April 5, 2010

Swirlydoos' Grunge Challenge

Ok, Mandy (aka CraftySprinkles) is hosting a "Grunge" challenge and I could not sleep last night because of all the ideas I had swirlying around in my head. Seriously! I was awake until 2 am and had to get up for class at 6 am. So, between class and work I had to get some of these ideas on paper. Here's what I came up with for the challenge.
I used bubblewrap and paint for the big dots on the background paper. Then, I just splattered more paint all over the paper, sanded the pictures and painted them as well. Took some TH grunge and heat embossed with black, topped with Rock Candy and Stickles, added some 7G gaffer's tape, flowers, and Prima felt and crystals, RockStar pp, Glitz pp, and my daughter's latest non-working earbuds to complete the "grunginess."

I ended up with paint all over my scrap table, my cell phone and

all over me! My dd had to take my picture because I even had red paint on my nose!

Thank you for a great challenge, Mandy. You can visit her blog here.


  1. Jan!!!! Your LO is Freekin Amazing!!!!! OH my goodness, Beautiful Grunge to the max!!! I love it to pieces!!!! Love the headphones...How many of those do "I" have laying around my house!!!!Fantastic!!! ♥♥♥♥ You need to scrap this photo!!

  2. Awesome!! You know you've had fun when there's paint everywhere. I love the bubblewrap idea, and especially love the earbuds as a final touch.