Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, I knew I would have to replace the kitchen faucet one day. Just didn't want to do it yet! I went to turn off the water on Thursday and it would not turn off. Wonderful. Finally jiggled the handle around enough that it shut off. That lasted about a day. So, went to Lowe's with my sis to buy a new faucet. Now, why do they have those faucets on display at 5 feet and above. Sheesh! I got a neck ache just looking up at 'em for so long! I also had to buy a leaf blower and weed trimmer since what I have does not work. (THAT is another story.) Once I got home with my purchases my sister had to leave so I started putting together the lawn equipment with my dd's help. We got it done pretty quick. Soooo...she decided we should just put the faucet in, too. Okaaaay. I don't really want to do it but on the plus side, my dd wants to help. How can you say no to that? We got the old one out pretty quick only to realize the new faucet's pipes would not reach the connection under the sink. Now, it's off to Sears to buy extensions (I am sure there are better, more technically correct words to use here but, I am a scrapper not a plumber.) After that little glitch we got the new faucet on with no problems-no leaks. I think we are good to go.

An added bonus: once we turned the main water line back on the icemaker started working again. Yes, I did put in a new motor about 6 months ago and it worked fine for about 5 months. It just quit working for some unknown reason. So, now I am thinking what a productive day it has been, right?

Oh, not so! For now the dishwasher does not work. I may have ruined it by running it right after we put in the new faucet. At the time, I am not sure if the water supply to the dishwasher was on or off. Whatever the case, it will not fill with water. At least that is my original complaint. So, now to look at new dishwashers. Ok, I knew I needed one of those too. But, come on! Not today!

Remember, I said the original complaint was no water, right?

Well, this is what I find after church today.

The entire kitchen is covered in water. wth! Luckily, I had just bought a Mr. Clean mop at the local Targe' because prior to today I did not have a real mop. Just that sorry Swiffer mop piece of crap. Now, I tell you what! That Mr. Clean mop works awesome-it is just one giant Magic Eraser on a stick! My floors have never been so clean. (See, I am looking at the bright side here!) So, the problem is the dishwasher is full of water even though I have not turned it on. What to do, what to do? I shut off the water supply to it but it is still dribbling. Just lovely.

And, here are all of the dishes I had to wash by hand.

Ok, new dishwasher in 8 days. We are eating off of plastic 'til then. What a fiasco!

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