Monday, July 27, 2009

My first day

Well, made it through my first day of my summer rotation. It wasn't a full eight hours though. My feet are still killin' me! And, get this! I had applied for the summer internship, felt like I had the position but never heard back from anyone so I was disappointed. Turns out my preceptor had offered the position to me but the person who was supposed to contact me did not do so. She said she called and left a message that I never returned. I never got that phone call or I would have gladly accepted the internship. So, makes me feel better to know it was offered to me despite the fact I didn't get to accept it. I will apply next year. My preceptor is on the board so it won't be a problem to get it next summer (according to him).

Well, off to walk the dogs (my exercise for the day), cook dinner, pick up Brandon from football camp, and then get some scrappin' in before bed. Have a good one!

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