Friday, July 31, 2009

My first week

No new layouts to post until tomorrow because I haven't been able to take pictures of them outside. I have been working all week. Well, not working for pay-doing my three week summer rotation for pharmacy school. We have to log 120 hours this summer and next summer, plus 20 hours during two school years. The final year you log 40 weeks. Anyways, it was a busy, fun, educational experience that culminated in a job offer today! So, I am happy about that! I will be able to work every other weekend during the school year which will enable me to get more experience and still keep up with my studies (I hope).

Off to scrap, read, watch a movie or something. The night is all mine! Tomorrow is Brandon's 16th birthday get together. Notice that it is not called a party-teenage boys don't have birthday parties. Not sure how many guys are coming over to play video games on his new PS3 but he will have a good time. I have been ordered to stay away-especially no pictures. What's a scrappin' mother to do?

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