Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Round Robin #10

I am finally getting around to posting the final lo for 2010's Round Robin Challenge. The twist for this challenge was to scrap a favorite Christmas memory. I remember as a young child sneaking around the house trying to find Christmas presents. I guess I am old enough to confess that one year we found them in our parents closet hidden on the top shelves behind clothes and boxes. Another year we were pretty sure they were in the trunk of the car but we could never figure out how to sneak out and look! Well, my parents got us good one year. They put the Christmas tree on what we thought was just a square, white platform. It turned out to be a Christmas present for my brothers. I would say they got the last laugh that year! So, I scrapped a picture of the Christmas tree on top of the platform (a.k.a. basketball goal).

A Sneaky Christmas

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