Sunday, February 21, 2010

Archivers make-n-take weekend

Here's why I didn't dig into my Swirlydoos until Saturday.
I went to the free make-n-take at Archivers and, of course, I had to do the mini-album class, too! This is a cute little album. The word "dream" is actually diecut foil letters. A real PITA to separate from the rest of the foil and the backing. Most of the ladies in class were not happy with how crumpled up the letters were by the time they separated them from the rest of the foil. I decided to wait until I got home and had my own tools so I could get those letters off. It does work better to use scissors to start and then separate the letter along with the backing. The backing helps stabilize the foil letter until you have it separated from the rest of the foil. Remove the backing last and then apply the letter-smooth out with your fingernail or a rub-on tool. But, I know I will NOT buy those letters-ever! I am thinking about using this litte album to record my dreams/goals.

Love those Archiver's make-n-takes. I always seem to make new friends or meet old ones there. It was good to see an old friend that I had not seen face to face for over 18 months. I almost didn't recognize her because she had lost well over 100 pounds! Wow! I was so happy for her that I had a hard time not just jumping up out of my seat and giving her a big ol' hug right there!

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  1. Lucky you to be near an Archiver's!!!! Love the album cover and the neat effect you got with the crackle!!!!