Saturday, July 3, 2010

I am missing...

my Swirlydoos forums. Some @%#* hacked into the website and removed everything. All the forums are gone. All the challenges are gone. All the galleries are gone. So, now poor Krissy has to rebuild everything. Many of us are missing the forums where we would go every morning to catch up with one another, share news, post our layouts, and just encourage one another. The Swirly Sisters are all amazingly talented and very sweet. I miss talking with everyone. After going to Denver at the end of April and scrapping with eleven of these awesome women I can say that this is a group of genuine women. What you see in the forums is what you get in person: great scrappin' ladies willing to share their talents and encourage one another. I hope Krissy gets things up and running again soon. Until then I guess I will just keep on scrappin'.

Without further ado here is another layout using one of the past kits. I was not able to do much with some of the past kits due to classes and exams. Here is the sketch challenge from a few months ago. I knew what pictures I was going to use but never had the time to finish it. Then, along came the June kit which was just amazing so I never finished this one. This is a layout commemorating my grandfather's 90th birthday. Just think how many changes he has seen throughout his years. All the technology that has been introduced during his lifetime is just amazing. He grew up during the Great Depression, fought in World War II, watched the Cold War. Then came The Sixties and the assasination of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King's famous speech, and Woodstock. The list goes on.

I love you Grandpa!


  1. I miss the forum, too! Especially the tips, tricks and techniques section. I learn so much.... Hopefully it will be up soon!