Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's official, I am now a "city girl"

To do List:
Walk dogs.....done
Pay bills.....done

So, then it's time to scrap! Yay! I was working on my third lo when the neighbor rang my doorbell. I thought little Brenner must have gotten out but she didn't have him when I answered the door. hmmmm.... She was a little upset and shaking. What is up? She told me "my boys" (a 9 lb. Bichon and 5 lb. Yorkie) were in the back yard killing a bunny. I pretty much shut the door in her face to run out the back door.

Sure enough! They were playing with a tiny bunny. The poor thing was squeaking. I grabbed him up and half the fur on his back was gone. My boys were trying to remove his squeaker, which is what they do to all of their toys. I wrapped the poor guy in a towel and ran over to another neighbor's house because she volunteers at the Wildlife Rescue Center. We took the little guy to the Rescue Center and I hoped he would be alright.

I got a tour of the place and by the time we were ready to leave I found out they were putting the poor little guy to sleep. Too much of his skin was missing and they said he wouldn't make it. ***sniff, sniff*** Poor guy. I guess I am no longer a country girl because growing up in the country we would never have considered rushing a bunny to the Rescue Center. He would have been put out of his misery on the spot curtesy of one of my brother's rifles. I am still sorry the little guy didn't make it.

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  1. Thats so sad! On another note..can't wait to see your finished LO's. :)