Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project 365: Weeks 4, 5, and 6

I finally worked on my Project 365. You know, that album that I started on January 1st. A picture a day throughout the year. One double page layout per week to capture our lives throughout the year. I was really behind on it.

disclaimer: These are not "Swirly worthy" by any means.
Week #4 was the start of my classes at StLCoP, an all day crop at Jonesburg Elementary, the kids getting
 back in the groove of school, Snickerdoodles, cold temperatures, studying for classes, and free hoodies from the StLCoP bookstore. (They were just giving away all the smalls and extra-smalls!)

And, on to Week #5:

I am sporting my new haircolor (back to my natural color), we celebrated my dn's birthday, even Cody got a new do, Brenner found a way to get up in the dining room chairs, Brandon doing homework as I bribe him with hot sandwiches. And, let's not forget the laundry!

And, then...

Week #6 brought lots of snow. We lost power one evening. Luckily it was only out for several hours. I was worried that the electricity might be out over night. If that happened my fish would not make it very long. We could always put on extra layers but not my poor fishies! Ok, I was worried that we would get cold, too! Sunday was Super Bowl XLIV. We rooted for the Saints because the city of New Orleans deserved to bring home a win after Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane hit in 2005 but it was one of the five deadliest hurricanes in America and the most costly American natural disaster. The Saints triumphed over the Colts. The final score was 31-17. I was able to do a little scrapping this week. Brandon ended up with some of my cardstock rings. He wore them around the house for two days like necklaces. Ah well, I guess any type of appreciation of my scrapping is alright with me!

Ok, there are quite a few more pages but that is all for now.

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